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4.5 superb. #slideshow ul li.current { This is a fantastic album, this is the album that all other JEW albums will be measured by. I'll try and add something about the influence. Ultimate Guitar Dobbsie. Every song is as straight-on as you can get, filled with the power of distorted, chugging guitars, pummeling 4/4 drums, and bass playing so precise it could be programmed. apstag.init({ slotID: 'div-gpt-ad-1452878747555-1', //example: 'div-gpt-ad-1475185990716-0' Jimmy Eat World - Bleed American review: Quite simply the best pop-rock album out there due to its catchy, sing-along & memorable qualities. $('a#hide').click(function() { Never will Jimmy Eat World venture into "too much information" territory like that Rivers what's-his-name and his "Hash Pipe." Genres: Alternative Rock, Emo-Pop, Power Pop. $( "#birds" ).autocomplete({ list-style: none; He's right! "https://sb" : "http://b") + ""; Yep. apstag.setDisplayBids(); This was one of the few CDs we could pop in and both enjoy. I first bought the CD when I was about 13, I'm 19 now. The resulting album, Bleed American, was not just their commercial table-turner, but was also the industry table-turner that helps the propelling of the Emo genre to the mainstream, as hundreds of Emo bands achieved great commercial success throughout the decade, including JEW themselves. SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0 But Jimmy Eat World don't rock all the way through Bleed American. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. 450 348-2; CD). It’ $(document).ready(function() :link { Text-Decoration : None; color: #333; } width: 280px; Released 18 July 2001 on DreamWorks (catalog no. text-align: right; padding:20px; I mean, these guys seem to have more songs on more flicks than Aerosmith. // set apstag targeting on googletag, then trigger the first DFP request in googletag's disableInitialLoad integration Yeah, I know JEW are influential, but I'm pretty sure that this album isn't that influential at all, though I haven't listened to it, so I really have no idea. These guys are the best friends you can imagine. I have Clarity. Review: Jimmy Eat World, Bleed American A fter releasing the band’s hard-edged Static Prevails and the more successful Clarity, Capitol Records dumped Jimmy Eat World in the nearest Emo dustbin, muttering that they weren’t ready to be on a major label just yet. } } Released in 2001 on DreamWorks (catalog no. var googletag = googletag || {}; Regardless, excellent review Mike, whether or not you mentioned that this album is really influential (which it is, although most bands were influenced by Jawbreaker/HWM before this band anyway). (null===c||"object"!=typeof c||Array.isArray(c)||N&&c instanceof Uint8Array)){a.g=b-a.f;a.c=c;break a}}a.g=Number.MAX_VALUE}a.i={}},P=[],Q=function(a,b){if(b This song includes a new Authentic Tone. I too feel a special connection to this album. Bass included. Review by DaveyBoy EMERITUS May 28th, 2008 | 105 replies. (Though the movies aren't much better.) From their self-titled debut album to their 2016 album Integrity Blues, this list of Jimmy Eat World albums also includes Bleed American, Futures, and Chase This Light.

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