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Health is an issue that concerns us all. We want to be healthy, and we want healthy friends and families. Organizations want healthy employees – they are more productive and have lower costs. Communities want healthier residents – they add to the economy and require minimal levels of safety net services. Our society is struggling to find the resources and means to address the myriad health issues we face. Health may be the most obvious example of an adaptive challenge; it requires we build and apply the competencies of adaptive learning to address the many facets of health issues.

New Visions for Public Schools (NV) – our strategic partner in the education domain – is leading the way in building society’s capacity to create systemic solutions to complex education issues.

Susan Fairchild (NV) and Pontifex Consulting have collaborated to develop the stock and flow tool to analyze and improve student achievement.


Working together and separately, NV and Pontifex Consulting have years of experience helping schools and school systems look at the following issues…

  • Building high performing schools
  • Student assessment and achievement
  • College preparedness
  • Faculty/staff team development

christmas_bokeh_burst_desktop copyExpertise

Meet the world’s leading experts in applying adaptive learning to Education.

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