Doing our part to build a resilient world

The ultimate adaptive challenge is transitioning the way we live to better serve both people and the planet. To serve one at the expense of the other is unsustainable.  Nearly every important global measure of sustainability is moving in the wrong direction. Communities around the world are already feeling the impacts of climate destabilization, biodiversity loss, pollutant build up, falling food yields, and more.

Climate Interactive (CI) – our strategic partner in the sustainability domain – is leading the way in providing the skills, tools, and resources we need to make the transition.

CI and Pontifex Consulting have worked with community planners and leaders to develop the Green Infrastructure Scenarios Tool (GIST).  Community can use GIST to build broad level understanding and support for green infrastructure investment strategies.


Working together and separately, CI and Pontifex Consulting have years of experience in the field of sustainability, working on the following issues (and more)…

  • National emissions policies
  • Community emissions reduction strategies
  • Commodity systems (e.g. shrimp, corn, forestry)
  • Watershed management
  • Community development

christmas_bokeh_burst_desktop copyExpertise

Meet the world’s leading experts in applying adaptive learning to Sustainability.

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