Organizational Steering and Strategic Planning


Your organization is charting new territory, navigating the innovative, unique path you need for future success. You’ve run through a string of leadership and strategy consultants – possibly even from the big consulting firms. You’ve engaged in scenario planning and “war gaming” exercises. You are worn out from strategic planning sessions that never end. The words culture change cause cortisol to flow across the organization.

You’ve been caught in the trap, outdated and ineffective, that leadership is about “step by step” controlling from the “top down” how the organization moves into the future.

What you need is a new approach, one where you and the organization have your hands on the collective tiller, steering the organization collectively. You will lead by helping build their capacity to steer with you – but more importantly, igniting the desire and passion of others to steer with you.

We can help you “see into” the future, through flexible and systemic approaches to scenario gazing. This scenario gazing is the key to effective organizational steering – “seeing” the potential futures you may wish to explore. Then you’ll be equipped to embed in your organization the our powerful, flexible, agile learning approach to strategy – a more short term activity.

sideways_desktopWe can build you and your team’s skills to gaze and steer into the future – to choose among equally compelling paths – to move into the uncharted, but desired, territory you need to explore in order to have the impact you need.

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Strategic planning. Perhaps no two words strung together currently have as much power to cause even rational, and highly motivated, team members to want to run. Strategic planning has become synonymous with a seemingly endless series of laborious, tedious meetings filled with “taped to the wall” flip charts, “committee written” vision and mission statements, core competencies, scorecard development, and success factors. Meeting participants patiently sit through SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis or some other “by the book” approaches to strategic planning. Teams mutlivote on goals, develop performance objectives and measures, and set up task forces to force the plan to become reality. The plan is eventually neatly assembled in a binder and the task forces scatter and implement – or not. And the binder is placed on the shelf next to several other equally impotent plans from the past.

Organizations wish to make strategy planning a low anxiety process,  because as Roger Martin states in an HBR article, “[they] find it scary, because it forces them to confront a future they can only guess at.”

To set and achieve big, hairy, audacious goals, you and your organization need to move beyond the typical “confirm what you already know to be true”, “comfort zone protecting” strategic planning approaches. You must challenge your thinking.

drivePontifex Consulting can help you and your team see strategic planning as an agile, “learn as you go” approach that doesn’t cover up the risk and anxiety – doesn’t try to “sell” you that you can perfectly “see” the future – but rather allows you to confront this unclear future in realistic, practical, and testable ways. Our agile strategy approach will help you quickly develop your strategy and adjust as needed. You’ll develop a visual framework and “get on the same page” about where you and where you’re going. You’ll be setting strategic goals and making progress from the beginning.

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