Improvisational Mindset


Improvisational Mindset

Learning Faster by “Saying YES to the Mess”

With Improvisational Mindset, you will
  • Accelerate your organization’s learning
  • Encourage experimentation and creativity
  • Build leadership capacity at all levels
  • Reduce unnecessary red tape
  • Maximize individual responsibility
  • Develop teams where members take turns leading and following
Without Improvisational Mindset, you will
  • Become stuck in analysis paralysis
  • Kill creativity
  • Develop a CYA culture that covers up and points fingers
  • Build strategic plans in binders that are loaded onto a shelf to collect dust
  • Plan, Plan, Plan…Stop
  • Become stuck in a never-ending cycle of trying “Process du Jour”
  • Sink under the weight of rules being built on top of rules


Improvisational Mindset is…

The Improvisational Mindset is built upon an affirmative bias to life, that there is always a path forward, that something can always be done.  With a “Say Yes to the Mess” bias, individuals and teams are energized to work together to learn through assumption testing, experimentation, and agile course correction.

Why mindset?  Because improvisation requires a particular Yes/And approach to working together – to life.  The mindset leads to improvisational actions.


Bicycle manufacturing company

An international bicycle manufacturing company used the Improvisational Mindset to understand and address why they were underselling the women’s bicycle market. They set up an experimental store, learned as they went, and did what seemed impossible – created an all women’s store that was profitable within four months!


A senior executive at Google brags that they make mistakes every day.  Their key is to learn fast, to iterate quickly, and to improve.  Their risk-taking, experimentally-driven, learning process is their competitive advantage.

What makes the Pontifex Consulting approach unique?

Our approach to Improvisational Mindset is built from years of integrating the theories of jazz improvisation (a practical, observable approach) with organizational learning.  The guiding principles we employ can be immediately implemented, tested, and improved.

Our services and solutions

  • Process consultation
  • Facilitation
  • Learning design
  • Organizational design

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