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SysQ – Finding Leverage

SysQ – The Capacity to Find High-leverage provides an overview of the basic concepts of systemic intelligence (SysQ). SysQ Systemic Intelligence is an essential leadership capacity that includes a mindset, process, and tools for improving the thinking used to craft strategies and make decisions. SysQ dramatically improves your ability to map the “physics” of the system you’re trying to address so you can make high-leverage choices about how to engage it – and avoid watching your “perfect” strategy fail.

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Using  Systems  Thinking  to  Shift  Mindsets

Using Systems Thinking to Shift Mindsets is the story of how one financial service company built their capacity to apply the full range of SysQ to their core business. The range included the mindset and process, as well as all the tools – archetypes, causal loop diagrams, stock and flow maps, and system dynamics models.

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The SysQ Guide: Tools and Practices to Build & Apply Systemic Intelligence

The SysQ Guide is designed for anyone who has taken SysQ or Systems Thinking training and wants to deepen their skills. The interactive guide provides an introduction to why SysQ (systemic intelligence) is an essential competency for today’s complex world. Readers will learn the SysQ process and tools / techniques required to effectively apply SysQ. You can choose between two versions:

  1.  ePub readers, including (iBooks Mac, iPhone, iPad), and
  2.  .mobi readers (including Kindle).

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