We have one goal in everything we do:

Strengthen our clients’ capacity to create solutions that are effective and actionable — linking long-range strategic objectives to daily operations.

We have proven experience delivering the following:

  • Scenario planning
  • Strategy development
  • Adaptive leadership coaching
  • Systems Thinking/System Dynamics
  • Organizational learning
  • Team development
  • Sustainability coaching
  • Curriculum design
  • Web-based learning environments
  • Group facilitation
  • Scorecard and dashboard development
  • “Serious” game design
  • TQM
  • Statistical/process analysis

By working with Pontifex Consulting…

  • An international IT company generates millions more in revenue during new product releases. They used a system dynamics model to understand how to reduce the ability of the competition to scavenge sales of future ancillary (supporting) products. This strategy was initially applied in North America, but because of early successes it guided the entire global strategy.
  • A Fortune 50 aerospace company developed an innovative approach to internal e-training design. By using a SysQ strategy map, they avoided wasting time and resources after identifying how their typical approach would create an ineffective learning platform.
  • A leading services company – that delivers food and tech services to many industries (e.g. hospitals, universities) – saved nearly a million annually by accurately assessing the cost/benefit of a risky decision. A modeling team was able to determine that they could avoid excessive warranty fees and “own the risk” of expensive technology. They were able to accrue this annual savings of a million for nearly a decade.
  • A South American government used a strategy map to choose between two competing programs to provide health services to its rural population. They were able to cut the development and delivery time by several months, meaning their population received valuable health services much sooner.

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