Pontifex Consulting provides onsite and web-based training to clients in the private and public sectors. After these trainings, participants inevitably ask, “What resources exist to support continued building of SysQ?” Until now, there wasn’t one comprehensive resource that fully builds on both the Mind Set and Tools.

Use this interactive guide to deepen your understanding of concepts and tools you already know. Or learn something completely new.

Clicking the link above will open up the Keynote presentation in your browser. You’ll need to type in a name to activate it. Your information will not be saved or shared.

View in presentation mode by clicking the blue Play button in the upper left of your browser.

Once in presentation mode, use the hyperlinked Home Page (table of contents) to navigate to any section you wish. Each page (except the first) will have both a right arrow (advance) and Home button (to return to the Home Page).

The first part of the guide includes a diagram of the full range of tools and concepts. You can click on any of the elements in that diagram to navigate to that tool or concept.


There’s a section that explains the SysQ Process (for building useful mental models). For each step of the process, you can see what tools can help better frame, research, or build understanding.

Next comes a section providing detailed “how too” for each of the tools.

The guide concludes with an example of how a stock and flow map was developed in a way that fundamentally transformed an organization’s strategy.

I hope that you’ll find this guide useful! Let me know if I, or my colleagues, can support your increasing your SysQ and adaptive learning capacities in any way.
–Chris Soderquist