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Pontifex Consulting is a full service consultancy committed to helping private, public and non-profit organizations build their capacity to think – and act – systemically, and to implement strategic solutions to their most complex challenges.


“In a world changing as rapidly as ours, your only chance for achieving, maintaining and accelerating success is to learn.  To learn faster…smarter…and together”  – Chris Soderquist

How We Work

We specialize in building the capacity to learn and adapt. By doing so you – and your team, your organization, your coalition, your community – will find the leverage you need to succeed. We have discovered three essential adaptive learning competencies. Learn more here!

Who is Pontifex?

Our meshwork of partners includes expert consultants, thought leaders and support organizations with practical experience working with Fortune 100 companies, international development organizations, government agencies and communities around the globe.
Meet the Team


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  • “I have to say that I am more excited than after any other meeting I have attended.  I actually could not sleep last night, and mostly because of the energy and excitement.  What great ideas you generated Chris!”

    – Kristi Pier, National Association of Chronic Disease Directors
  • “This presentation was the most useful and relevant presentation that I have had in the last 8 years at my organization.”

    – Brenda Silverman, Public Health Analyst
  • “I really can’t thank you enough for today’s session; it was roundly described as one of the single most effective and rewarding experiences that any of the participants have had – at Banyan or at any point in their careers. “

    – Chris Koch, Banyan Communications