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Resources: Helping You Find Leverage

We continually build our catalog of resources to inspire and support you on your journey to apply the latest innovations in adaptive leadership. View the most up to date Pontifex Consulting (and partners) videos. Download our practical resources to illuminate concepts and provide you with concrete tips and techniques for building your adaptive learning skills.

The SysQ Guide: Tools and Practices to Build & Apply Systemic Intelligence

The SysQ Guide is designed for anyone who has taken SysQ or Systems Thinking training and wants to deepen their skills. The interactive guide provides an introduction to why SysQ (systemic intelligence) is an essential competency for today’s complex world. Readers will learn the SysQ process and tools / techniques required to effectively apply SysQ. You can choose between two versions:

  1.  ePub readers, including (iBooks Mac, iPhone, iPad), and
  2.  .mobi readers (including Kindle).

Download The SysQ Guide

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Finding Leverage: The Power of systems THINKING

In this first video in the Adaptive Learning series, Chris Soderquist presents the basics of systems THINKING in the service of understanding the complexity of rising healthcare costs.


“systems THINKING can forever change the way you see the world, understand the world, and change the world.”

 The Systems Thinking Mindset

This video is the introductory video in a three part training series developed for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The CDC uses this series to develop a cadre of systems thinking practitioners within the CDC to support their mission of improving public health.


Videos in the CDC Simulation Series

  1. The Systems Thinking Mindset
  2. Visual Tools to Improve Systemic Analysis
  3. Systems Mapping: The Basics

 3 Core Competencies for Community Engagement

Chris Soderquist of Pontifex Consulting recently presented a webinar for Tamarack Institute on the three enabling competencies of adaptive learning: Systems THINKING, Conversational Capacity, and Yes to the Mess (Improvisational Mindset). The webinar is an excellent overview of how the adaptive learning skill set is an essential, and often overlooked, need to achieve results in change efforts. Although the webinar focuses on Collective Impact, the skills are applicable to any change process. The landing page for this webinar includes the full text and downloadable PDF of our paper: Adaptive Learning – A Pivotal Competence for Collective Impact.


Accelerating Learning through Simulation

This video describes why system dynamics simulation is an effective and often necessary activity to build the understanding needed to address adaptive challenges.  Pontifex Consulting worked with our partners at the Georgia Health Policy Center and the National MCH Workforce Development Center. As usual, it was produced by the talented Banyan Communications.



The Legislative Health Policy Certificate Program

Pontifex Consulting’s Chris Soderquist, along with partners Craig Weber and the Georgia Health Policy Center (GHPC),  describe their unique approach to building the political leaders of the future. Watch the video to learn more about the GHPC Legislative Health Policy Certificate Program.

“We’ve been helping them [legislators] build their abilities, tools, and techniques for analyzing information and coming up with insights that will help them be more effective.”

Adaptive Learning Capacity: Essential Skills for Collective Impact

The leadership skills to facilitate collective impact are often just assumed to be there, lingering in the background to be awakened once the collective impact process starts. Without consciously building and applying these skills – transforming the leadership culture in the community and network of organizations – the likelihood of achieving desired results with collective impact is greatly diminished. If you are part of a collective impact process, this white paper by Craig Weber and Chris Soderquist outline an essential set of skills – an über competency – you need to increase the likelihood of a successful initiative.

“Adaptive learning skills help communities learn faster, smarter, and together.”

Read Adaptive Leadership for Collective Impact

Mapping Counterinsurgency Strategy

This interactive system map was developed in response to the popular NY Times article, We Have Met the Enemy and He Is Powerpoint. Chris Soderquist developed a systems THINKING response to that article, publishing We Have Met an Ally and He Is Storytelling for isee systems. You may read the full blog here and review the resulting map below.

“I learned more about this complex issue in ten minutes with this interactive map than I learned about an important work issue – where we spent four years building and analyzing a system dynamics simulation model!” – Public Health Professional



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