Conversational Capacity


Conversational Capacity

Learning Together by “Staying in the Sweet Spot”

With Conversational Capacity, you will
  • Learn from harnessing difference, even under pressure
  • Create a culture of accountability
  • Increase morale and motivation
  • Challenge cherished assumptions and engage in double-loop learning
  • Develop more resilient, dynamic, flexible and humane organizations
  • Impact the broader community – families, friends, and society
Without Conversational Capacity, you will
  • Create dumb teams out of smart people
  • Have conversations that generate more heat than light
  • Find hallway (and bathroom) conversations more honest than team meetings
  • Dampen the spirit and creativity of your organization
  • Continue rehashing the same issues…over…and over…and over

Conversational Capacity is…

The ability to orchestrate open, balanced, learning focused dialogue around contrasting points of view, about difficult issues, and in challenging circumstances.


Why capacity? Because the emphasis is on practical skills to improve the outcomes of conversations, not “feel good”, unilateral techniques to manipulate a conversation.


Boutique Consulting Firm

A midsize boutique consulting firm has developed an organization-wide approach to developing Conversational Capacity.  New consultants learn the basics during an on boarding process; senior leaders continue to hone their skills through additional training, practice, and holding each other accountable for learning.  As a result, the firm moved from a small player in a major US city to being listed as one of the best places to work in that community.  And their client base has grown exponentially over the past decade.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Several leadership teams at the CDC have built their skills in applying Conversational Capacity to improve their ability to integrate scientific understanding with practical policy approaches that improve several public health issues: chronic disease, violence, and disaster response.

What makes the Pontifex Consulting approach unique

Conversational Capacity is a rigorous, measurable, and actionable approach based on decades of research.  It provides a useful “theory” for making practical sense of things that were previously hard to nail down, describe, or discuss: how people work together and its impact on performance. It takes something difficult to visualize or describe and turns it into something you can immediately measure and improve. It eschews the typical pop psychology assertions of create trust, be open, generate motivation and other touchy feely and non actionable advice in lieu of easy to understand and immediately employ steps to improve your team’s Conversational Capacity.

Our services and solutions

  • Leadership coaching
  • Speaking engagements
  • Team development
  • Facilitation design and implementation

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