Collective Impact


Communities and complex social systems are facing an increase in wicked, messy problems. These problems are best framed as adaptive challenges. The collective impact process has recently become a popular way for communities – and coalitions of motivated stakeholders – to address adaptive challenges, sometimes with observable impact.

Leadership in the collective impact initiative must orchestrate a process of learning if they are to effectively engage and resolve adaptive challenges. Because different perspectives must be shared, integrated, and run through a forge of refinement to improve and apply, communities need to guide or steer “messy” processes with a diverse set of interest groups: local leaders, public and academic institutions, as well as private sector organizations.

Many collective impact efforts wane or even die. Why? Because collective impact requires new mindsets and skills to be effective. It’s not an “out-of-the-box”, “just add people” solution.

spring3_DESKTOPWithout the right skills, the best processes in the world will fail. Our expertise with the über competency of adaptive learning skills – systems THINKING, Conversational Capacity and Improvisational Mindset – are essential for an effective collective impact process. We won’t just coach your collective impact process, we will ensure you have the capacity to lead it…and celebrate success.

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