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Leadership Coaching

You’ve likely experienced leadership coaching that sells you the latest techniques for motivating employees. These techniques include: build trust, provide a vision, establish a culture of teamwork, and other exhortations that sound closer to empty platitudes than practical, actionable activities you can apply to your organization or team. These platitudes are similar to encouraging you to try harder, do more, be more effective.

Most leadership coaching advice is the equivalent of telling you to simply “be more effective” – exhortations without the “how tos”. Not helpful!

Pontifex Consulting provides a different kind of leadership coaching. Our experts will help you to clearly identify areas you wish to improve – although a few other organizations might be able to help with that. But what sets our approach apart from the rest is our adherence to providing practical, actionable, and testable strategies you can employe “right now”…and through a process of reflection continue to improve. And we’re not just “selling” these strategies, we’ve used them to improve our own leadership!

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Organizational Training

Sheep farmers will immerse their flock in a liquid insecticide and fungicide to protect the herd, to make them strong and healthy. We’ve all experienced what our partner, Craig Weber, refers to as “sheep dip” training – where the training is a one-day dose of some skill deemed important, but couldn’t possibly be taught in a way that makes it useful (or stick) after a day.

Why do organizations and training firms continue propagating the one-day, two-day, x-day approach to training when it’s well known that real skill development takes focused time and attention.

Pontifex Consulting will work with you to outline a training path that you and your organization can follow to continually enrich and increase the skills and capacities you need to perform at exceptional levels. We design training not as an “add on”, something to be undertaken outside of your regular work. All of our training is applied training; we embed your work in the training, and our training in your work.


miasmallWe will not only help you learn essential skills, we will help you “learn how to learn”, the ultimate learning competency. We’re experts at the practice of double-loop learning, the ultimate skill needed to address adaptive challenges. We’ll help build your double-loop learning capacity.

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Public Workshops

Our public workshops are multi-sector, multi-level and provide you with the classroom instruction, real world expertise, and connections to others who will help you learn and grow. As part of the workshop, you’ll bring an important personal and/or strategic issue you want to work on during the week.

Most public workshops focus on content diffusion. Pontifex Consulting helps you with skill assimilation and integration.

notes_on_darkness_desktopWe host our workshops in convenient locations providing you the right mix of session time and nature time. We provide you a holistic approach to learning that includes physical activity and fitness, along with nature and “out of classroom” experiences to enhance your learning.

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